"Creating vital congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities and the world."

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

Episcopal Address: Full Speed Ahead

This year sure is different from last year.    Last year I was a 'rookie' bishop and you extended amazing grace; this year I’m a grizzled old veteran. Last year I had Karon Mann, our outstanding conference lay leader, standing by me to make me look good; this year I’m up here by myself. Last year you were waiting to hear where you are heading; this year you’re trying to figure out where this thing called the "Next Steps' Trajectory" is really taking us.  - Read more


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2014 Journal Orders

You may receive a 2014 Journal three ways;

  1. When available, a downloadable PDF file of the Journal will be posted on the conference website.
  2. 2014 Journal CDs will be available at no charge at your fall District Conferences.
  3. A print copy of the 2014 Journal will be available for purchase online from a third-party vendor. Ordering information coming soon.

2014 Annual Conference DVDs

Annual Conference worship, Adam Hamilton's teaching sessions, and retiree videos will be available on DVD. Ordering information coming soon.

Photos From Annual Conference

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